Continental distribution agreement between Bunker Seguridad and KBC Networks.

Bunker Seguridad and KBC Networks reach a global agreement for the distribution of KBC products across both the European and the African continents.
Piece of news: 

KBC Networks, an American company dedicated to the manufacture of telecommunications and data transmission equipment, comes to a distribution agreement with Bunker Seguridad for the distribution of its products in both Europe and Africa.

For Bunker Seguridad this agreement represents a new line of products and solutions to offer to its customers spread across more than 30 countries in both continents. For KBC Networks, it represents an opportunity to develop its lines of business throughout the continent, taking advantage of the experience and know-how of the Spanish manufacturer, perfectly positioned in its own line of business in both continents.

From January 2019, Bunker will offer all ranges of products manufactured by KBC, who has a very good reputation in the USA, the Middle East and Asia, due to the quality and strength of its products and who is also well known for its commercial reliability, the post-sale and technical assistance offered.

Within the portfolio of solutions that will be available at the beginning of 2019, there is a wide range of managed (up to layer 3) and unmanaged industrial switches,on copper converters of resources (eCooper™), private VPN networks without license nor recurring expenses (Thrulink™), medium range data Transmission wireless (5 - 10Km) as well as an extensive catalog of products and solutions for networks and optical fiber.

In the Iberian Peninsula, ProdexTec adds KBC to the list of companies represented so far (Optex, Takex, Cias, GJD, Redwall, Redscan, Fibersensys, Clarius and Bunker) and will be in charge of the distribution of KBC Networks, following its commitment to offer top quality solutions.

Continental distribution agreement between Bunker Seguridad and KBC Networks