Bunker Seguridad visits ISC West in Las Vegas

Bunker Seguridad visits ISC West in Las Vegas
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The Las Vegas International Security Conference (ISC West) was held on April 10, 11 and 12 with a balance of more than 30,000 professional security visitors. This is the largest security trade show in the United States and brings together security companies and industry professionals, with demonstrations and presentations of the latest products, as well as case studies.

BUNKER SEGURIDAD, a manufacturer of perimeter detection systems such as its easyPack system ("à la carte" infrared towers), and with a 17-year history in this field, visited the fair, which was also attended by brands such as KBC Networks, which BUNKER SEGURIDAD recently reached an agreement with, for the distribution in Europe and Africa of its telecommunications and data transmission equipment (industrial switches, media converters -eCopper™-, VPN networks -ThruLink™-, or data Transmission wireless).

TAKEX, specialized in external detectors and active external infrarred barriers, was also attending this event with its model TXF-125E (the first infrared barrier for long distances that has a switch for 4 protection distances) as well as OPTEX, with their wireless infrarred barriers that made them pioneers in this field. Their SL series of long-range infrarred barriers has incorporated some improvements such as the 4 beams. In addition to these, their other two brands were present:  REDSCAN, which laser detector model RLS-2020S won the Innovation Award 2017, and REDWALL, which infrared detectors (models SIP-3020 SIP-4010 SIP-404), are ideal for the activation of outdoor camera systems where more demanding performances are needed. The Fiber SenSys system was also introduced: the special optical fiber for the protection of fences and wire mesh. The basic two-channel alarm processing unit (APU) FD-322 is one of its most important products with its fiber optic sensing cable, resistant to electromagnetic interferences and corrosion.

The Italian company CIAS took and introduced Micro-Ray: its new point to point microwave barrier tower, with a 100m range and immune to adverse environmental conditions; with no need of any heaters to maintain the temperature of the infrared and with very low battery consumption. The American firm EPCOM was also there, with its biometric and detection solutions (its infrared detectors ABH50L / ABH100L / ABH200L have 4 beams with digital frequency conversion).

KBC Networks stand
Perimeter Intrusion detection system KBC
Cias Stand
MicroRay Cias