Active Protection with Security Fog Generators FOGGY

Active Protection with Security Fog Generators FOGGY
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How could you secure your premises if a break-in occurs?

Essentially, Fog Generators offer a security solution that works on a simple concept – if the intruder can’t orientate themselves in the area they want to trespass, they won’t be able to steal or vandalize. Foggy of AVS Electronics is a new range of fogging generators that goes further and offers an improved performance compared to the other fog machines available in the market. It can saturate with a thick white fog up to 750 m3 in just 1 minute. 

What is a Fog Generator?

The Security Gog Generator releases a dense smoke-like substance (made of microscopic particles) so the intruders can’t see the area, but only a very short distance in front. This is a preventative measure, which aims to minimize damage after a break-in has happened.

The fog produced by Foggy stays in the air and takes at least 30 minutes to disperse. 

What are the benefits of the Fogging Protection System Foggy?

Foggy is ideal for the active protection of all residential, commercial, industrial and military environments. When aired properly, the fog disperses leaving no residue in jewelry, clothing, furniture and all kind of sensitive goods. Depending on the needs, it can be activated in a pulsating way so that the fog would remain a longer period of time. The EN50131-8 certification from the IMQ European laboratory guarantees an optimal performance with all control panels. Customers can have a small integrated security system for active, reliable and efficient protection of their installation. 

Where can the Smoke Generator Foggy be used?

It can be used in a home office, commercial premises or industrial facilities. Some examples are:

  • Luxury stores – When aired properly, the fog disperses leaving no residue in sensitive goods, therefore it’s perfect for the protection of jewels, computer, phone, electronic and all type of expensive goods.
  • Large areas to be covered – such as warehouses, or garages (for mechanics and other car businesses)
  • Vulnerable businesses – Financial institutions, those with only one person attending them, those that are left unoccupied overnight, or located in out-of-the-way places.
  • Showrooms – in this type of business, goods have to be on display prominently, so security features such as window grilles and door bars aren’t suitable. 

How is the installation of this security protection device?

These systems offer great installation flexibility (walls, ceilings and false ceilings, cabinets, etc.) and simplicity, since it is only necessary to leave a free space for the fog to come up, which is oriented and dispersed according to the nozzle in a straight or at an angle, as well as in 1 or 3 directions, which allows the saturation of any type of space quickly and effectively.  

Is it safe?

The generated fog is totally harmless but also - it leaves no residue or odour: independent European laboratories analyze it regularly to confirm its absolute safety.

Fogging Protection System Foggy