Bunker Seguridad Training on Perimeter Detection Systems

Costa Rica: Bunker Seguridad Training on Perimeter Detection Systems
Piece of news: 

BUNKER SEGURIDAD, a company specialized in perimeter towers for photoelectric beams is traveling around the world training companies on OPTEX infrared photoelectric beams. This specific training was at San José (Costa Rica). BUKER SEGURIDAD S.L.  and their products are an efficient latest technology system for intrusion detection and perimeter security.

During this training, the company gets the chance to see how all of BUNKER SEGURIDAD products work and most importantly the quality of the materials. Our PT TOWER, an infrared tower model for medium (middle area) and long (perimeter) range PT sensors and photoelectric detectors, was the main product at the training at San José.  A special feature of this infrared tower model is its main structure composed of an aluminium profile, which allows a transmitter and/or receiver (Tx/Rx) fixation of the infrared photo beams at the same height with the possibility of pointing the IR photo beam in two different directions with 360º protection range.

BUNKER SEGURIDAD is training companies all around the world. Our products are well known for premium quality and that is why companies choose us when it comes to perimeter security.

BUNKER SEGURIDAD training on OPTEX infrared photo beams