Bunker Seguridad Electronica S.L. participated in SICUR 2020

Bunker Seguridad Electronica S.L. participated in SICUR 2020
Piece of news: 

We enjoyed very much our experience at the International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition fair- SICUR 2020 celebrated in Madrid from 25 to 28 of February.

The visitors that were interested in residential areas protection, found that our Garden Guard serie is a very nice and practical solution and they integrate perfectly their stylish design in the environment, also when using PT-LUX and PT-CCTV accessories (the first one transforms the perimeter security tower into a lamp as low consumption bulbs can be fixed to it.  In addition, the MB and PT towers are perfect for middle and large size areas regardless of the type of the environment (residential or industrial).

Some of the professionals we spoke to were surprised and attentive to the characteristics of our prewired solution easyPackTM and we were happy to offer such an easy and flexible solution.

We had the opportunity to learn new facts and success stories from Mike Burgess, our favorite representative of TAKEX. He was also explaining the performance and the awesome durability of different types of TAKEX Photoelectric beams and PIR detectors

Luis Angulo, Janene Tucker and Craig Kennedy were representing KBC Networks. Each of them gave us a different point of view on the many and sometimes unexpected applications and advantages of KBC devices. For some visitors to hold a device in theirs hands made the difference.

There were also exhibited diverse products from the companies AVS electronics, GJD, Clarius and Tempos Analytics. The last one is our new partner that offers advanced Video analytics solutions for video surveillance and license plate recognition.

Bunker Seguridad Electronica participation at SICUR 2020