GJD Multispeech Kit is used in UK healthcare facilities

GJD Multispeech Kit is used in UK healthcare facilities
Piece of news: 

This Multispeech Kit is being used at the entrances of UK hospitals and surgeries for preventing transmission of COVID-19. 

How does it work?

Activated by the GJD022 Elite PIR detector, the GJD090 Multispeech plays a pre-recorded message asking visitors to use the antibacterial gel before entering the building.

What exactly is the Multispeech Kit GJD090?

The GJD's Multispeech Kit is a 4-channel voice transmitter module designed for intruder monitoring, access control, reception, information and alerts. A different 30-second message can be recorded on each channel or, alternatively, a single 120-second message. The volume control is adjustable and has two pre-announcement sounds.

What about the configuration?

It's very easy to install and message recording is quick and simple. 

In addition, it can be used with other detection devices such as the GJD022 Elite PIR detector, which has the custom-designed ASIC microprocessor, combined with the unique GJD optical system, which filters the information received to give the required detection accuracy at each action with options of detection ranges from 10 to 35 meters.

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GJD Multispeech Kit