Wireless Transmission for Demanding Applications

Wireless Transmission for Demanding Applications
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The world today is facing significant security challenges. Capturing real-time, high-definition video images is now the easy part; creating complex, multi-camera transmission systems and bringing that video to a CMS is the real challenge. Wireless video surveillance systems are an increasingly common tool used for protection and law enforcement. This is due to their reliability, ease of covering large distances, higher data transfer rates, etc.

How to create a more efficient and stable Video Surveillance System with KBC Networks' Wireless Solutions

KBC Networks transmission systems provide stable and secure wireless connections. They use MIMO technology to optimize the connection and improve audio and video reception. Images transmitted to the control center can be viewed in real time on site and/or be retransmitted to other remote locations.

For a better adaptation to the specific needs of each installation, KBC Networks has created three families: WES3 STANDARD, WES3HTG and WES3HTG EXP, configurable as point to point, point to multipoint, client and server. All solutions work in 5GHz (license free), covering distances of up to 5km.

Individual characteristics of each family

WES3 STANDARD: replaces the WESII model. It has throughput of up to 99Mbps.

WES3HTG: high power and throughput of up to 650Mbps. Thanks to MIMO technology we will have an aggregate data throughput of 1.3Gbps.

WES3HTG EXP: This is the WES3HTG model with an explosion-proof cover.

All wireless solutions support Power over Ethernet (PoE) in order to facilitate an easy deployment and management of surveillance cameras or other compatible devices.

Each model can be configured with 5, 9 and 17dBi antennas, thus adapting to any type of installation. The use of antennas is highly recommended for all places where it is not desirable, appropriate, or possible to use cabling for communications.

Thanks to the fact that KBC’s systems are completely reliable, they guarantee their correct funcioning in high security installations.

If you need a fast, simple data transmission system that covers large distances without having to deploy cables, please contact us.

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