Protection of scaffolding and tubular construction solutions: key points

Protection of scaffolding and tubular construction solutions: key points
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Scaffolding has become another element of the landscape in our neighbourhoods and streets: the need of housing and commercial blocks rehabilitation makes its presence common in every group of city blocks in our town or city. They are necessary elements if you want to keep a building in good condition. However, the installation of these elements represents an additional risk, because they facilitate unwanted access to the surrounding homes and business facilities.

In order to avoid assaults, a good perimeter security system is required: infrared barriers and infrared detectors are one of the best options for intrusion detection. These detection systems are constantly studied in order to avoid false alarms: composed by transmitters and receivers, each transmitter is read by all the detectors. When one of these infrared rays is interrupted, the activation of the alarm would be delayed, while if the interruption occurs in 2 or more rays, the alarm would be activated.

From Bunker Seguridad Electronica, we want to indicate the key points when choosing a good protection system for scaffolding or tubular structures:

Weather factors

The perimeter sensors must work 24 hours a day and in any weather condition: in case of thick fog, hailstorms or smoke the cameras lose their effectiveness while the infrared sensors continue working. This is one of the myths when it comes to perimeter security. The idea that cameras provide total security is far from the reality. They are, in fact, backup devices.

In this regard, Takex infrared sensors offer unmatched extra protection against frost, dew and snow, as they are protected with a hood-shaped cover that does not allow water to seep through its grooves, extending the life of the device. Their optics are also hermetically sealed, so that insects cannot penetrate the system.

Light resistance

For outdoor installations, a problem that affects the sensors is light, both natural and artificial: water mirror effect, cars lights, or the attempt to dazzle the sensor by means of a flashlight are not an inconvenient for Takex barriers and detectors, as their tolerance is up to 50 000 lx. In addition, sabotage attempts through blinding are canceled thanks to its special light filtering circuit.


The choice between the different models must depend on the type of structure, space and place where they are going to be installed:

Takex MS-100E passive detector is one of the favorites in Spain and the United Kingdom. It has a 180º rotating lens that allows the unit to be placed in almost any position: for the protection of scaffolding and tubular structures, it is installed on the ladder section and at the ends of the scaffolding focused on the wall to protect from breaking-in. This Takex sensor has a front cover that hides the orientation of the sensor.

For 4-beam technology, Takex has the PB-50F model, recommended as long as there is no possibility of overlapping of beams.

The PB-30TK and PB-60TK models have 2 beams and the difference between them is in the distance to be covered.

Installation, assembly and handling

Due to the fact scaffolding is a structure that won’t remain in the same place for a long time, intruder detection systems must be easy-to-install and resistant in order to support all types of handling and assembly. Takex quality finishing extends the life of their products: these sensors stand out for their robustness. Its useful life is estimated at 10 years for the transmitter and at 9 for the receiver.

Installation assistance

It is convenient that the personnel in charge of the installation and assembly of these devices have knowledge and training on them, therefore, from Bunker Seguridad Electronica, we offer personalized training on all the products we have, understanding that a deep knowledge about the product allows the installer an easy and simple use of it, to avoid, in this way, giving more assistance to the installation with respect to the desired ones.

Economic factor

The economic factor plays a decisive role in choosing the technology that will protect the structure. However, other factors such as those mentioned above should not be overlooked: device life, manufacturer warranty, technical advances, performance or technical support.

Takex infrared sensors are undoubtedly the most expensive on the market, but they also own the highest quality and durability, which translates into a reduction of false alarms and most importantly: less assistance to the installation, so that the initial investment is widely amortized. These equipments are designed for industrial work and for intensive use, to be manipulated by different people and to be installed again and again in different locations without causing false contacts or deteriorating the product.

All the products mentioned throughout the article, and many more of the Takex brand, can be obtained through Bunker Seguridad Electronica.

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