SICUR 2016: new BUNKER SEGURIDAD products have gained great popularity among perimeter security solutions

SICUR 2016: new BUNKER SEGURIDAD products have gained great popularity among perimeter security solutions
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BUNKER SEGURIDAD presented at SICUR 2016 security&safety exhibition, which took place in Madrid in February, its latest perimeter solutions which were well received among the public. Takex and Optex with Redwall and Fiber SenSys were represented by their most renowned and innovative products in the perimeter security sector.

BUNKER SEGURIDAD is a Spanish company with extensive experience in the intrusion detection field. Its perimeter towers for infrared photo beams are a good example of a company which works constantly on innovation in order to attain efficiency and high-quality.

Among numerous novelties visitors could see at the stand, one of the most remarkable ones is perimeter intrusion detection by Optex trademark Fiber SenSys which works using a fiber-optic sensor cable. Thanks to the latest fiber optic technology which can be installed on fences and walls, Fiber SenSys systems use advanced signal processing to detect intruder’s presence trying to climb over, crawl under or cross the perimeter line.

Moreover, visitors could also learn about the newest perimeter solutions, destined to outdoor detectors of the prestigious TAKEX trademark, a renowned security sensor manufacturer, mainly focused on active outdoor photo beams with infrared beams and outdoor PIR for perimeter protection.

Another important novelty, presented at BUNKER SEGURIDAD stand at SICUR, was the prestigious REDSCAN by Optex anti-intrusion detection range, which is an innovative laser scan detector determining moving object’s size, speed and distance – it processes the information with a unique algorithm. It is highly reliable when detecting human beings, which means that false alarms are few.

All in all, SICUR is a great exposition of the latest novelties in the perimeter security field, carried out by our professionals, which proves that the above mentioned sector is developing constantly and therefore offers answers and solutions to the most demanding clients. It is an intrusion detection meeting offering the latest technology through participation of specialized and prestigious companies, such as Bunker Seguridad.

Bunker Seguridad at SICUR 2016, Madrid security&safety exhibition
Bunker Seguridad at SICUR 2016 with the latest novelties in perimeter security
SICUR 2016: Bunker Seguridad presents Optex and Takex novelties