SICUR 2016: OPTEX presents REDSCAN MINI, its newest perimeter detection intelligent solution. Next generation laser technology.

REDSCAN MINI: new product belonging to the Optex REDSCAN laser scan detector range
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The latest SICUR 2016 fair, one of the most important meetings in the security sector which took place between 23 and 26 February 2016 in Madrid, presented a new perimeter detection product and high technology infrared sensors belonging to the Optex REDSCAN range: REDSCAN MINI infrared detector.

REDCSAN is an Optex infrared sensor trademark, among which we find REDSCAN RLS-3060SH laser scan detector and RLS-3060L laser scan detector. These are laser detectors that identify the moving object’s size, speed and distance – they simplify the video surveillance process and reduce false alarms. They use “Time of Flight” technology which, thanks to its infrared sensor, allows knowing the distance to the object and calculates the time an infrared beam needs to return, after detecting the object.  These infrared detectors - as they can be installed at an angle - are ideal for perimeter surveillance in narrower zones or hallways, which reduces the installation costs.

SICUR 2016 presented the newest features of the REDSCAN MINI infrared sensor, a new Optex perimeter detection intelligent solution: new generation laser technology.

REDSCAN MINI is a unique laser scan short-range infrared detector (grade 1) with an aesthetic and compact design. Moreover, it can be used with IP video-surveillance applications.

New REDSCAN MINI laser scan detector by Optex
REDSCAN MINI laser scan detector: next generation laser technology
SICUR 2016: REDSCAN MINI laser scan detector
Latest perimeter security technology: REDSCAN MINI at SICUR 2016