Spanish security company BUNKER SEGURIDAD visits IFSEC INTERNATIONAL, 2016 edition of the London security trade show

BUNKER SEGURIDAD visits IFSEC 2016, London security trade show
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London IFSEC exposition is one of the most important security trade events with more than 22.000 security professionals from more than 600 leading security companies in the world, divided into seven product areas. The latest novelties, tendencies and innovations in the sector are being presented. It is taking place in the English capital, more precisely at the Excel London exhibition grounds between June 21 and 23.

Bunker Seguridad, specialists in perimeter security systems and intrusion detection, participates at the London trade exposition with its products and perimeter solutions. Bunker Seguridad has become a prestigious reference in the perimeter detection sector thanks to its beam towers for infrared photobeams, completely compatible with most photobeams' manufacturers such as Optex and Takex.

BUNKER SEGURIDAD perimeter towers are an ideal solution and complement as they provide additional protection in any type of surroundings which should be protected from intruders: commercial, residential or industrial. The most important ones are pre-manufactured easyPack towers, alongside with PT and MB industrial towers and MALTA and CAV residential towers. Thanks to its design and anti-vandal features of the infrared photobeams they remain protected and hidden to prevent undesired intrusion.

IFSEC 2016 is a very good opportunity for the professionals to get to know quality and efficient solutions, Bunker Seguridad being as well one of the contributors to this.

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