Tempos Analytics reaches a distribution agreement with Bunker Seguridad Electrónica S.L.

An agreement between Bunker Seguridad Electrónica S.L. and Tempos Analytics
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Tempos Analytics, a recent Spanish brand, dedicated to the creation of intelligent solutions for video analysis, has reached a distribution agreement with Bunker Seguridad Electrónica S.L. for their commercialization.

These solutions are based on high performance software and available in various hardware formats that adapt to different installation requirements and functional needs. The real-time video analysis software is perfect for both, Perimeter Security and Licence Plate Recognition in stationary or moving vehicles.  It combines simplicity of configuration with powerful algorithms aimed at reducing false alarms and intelligent detection, compatible with visual, thermal and dual cameras and with the main VMS on the market.

Tempos Analytics is capable of converting a system of cameras and security sensors into an intelligent and flexible detection system, processing and converting images into relevant data, very easy to interpret by a security professional, helping him to discriminate an intrusion from any other event, either using his own internal logic, supporting the physical detection of external sensors with image analysis or showing in a "visible" image the detection made by a thermal camera.

The advanced algorithms used by this software provide a wide range of options when it comes to customizing the analysis and the actions to be taken if certain events occur or suspicious behavior appears.

In addition, it allows the establishment of periodic calendars and tasks, providing greater flexibility to the video verification system. In these cases, an alarm can be activated, lights can be turned on, immediate warning can be given automatically, a barrier can be lifted, etc. The configuration is easy and intuitive.

Tempos Analytics provides new features in the detection and tracking of objects in real time, the optimisation of video monitoring, automatic number plate recognition and vehicle access control, as well as the ability to integrate with existing systems and devices.

The distribution agreement with Bunker Seguridad Electrónica, makes it a reliable, renewed and quality commitment.


Bunker Seguridad Electronica and Tempos Analytics